Sharepro Desktop

The SharePro Desktop is the core-component of the SharePro Backoffice Suite,the workhorse and the operations center of the broking business. The teams at HO use this application to manage and run the broking show. Easy to use, easy to learn
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SharePro CRM

SharePro CRM is the server application that caters to Clients, Branches, APs, Employees, Fund Managers,etc., through the web browser. Built using the latest web technologies and libraries, it is the face of your organization to the outside world. Easy to
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Live RMS

SharePro Live is the realtime server-application that calculates your risk – on a realtime basis. It serves as the backbone of the risk presentation while the markets are in session. RMS teams at the HO can view the LiveRMS using


PMS Fund Managers

  FAQs I have 6 different products and I have 30 clients who have apportioned their funds across these products. Today since the market has moved up quite a bit. I want to review positions vis a vis my fund

Personal Wealth Management

PWM, short for “Personal Wealth Management” system, is an invaluable Accounting and MIS tool for an Individual or Corporate dealing in the Indian Stock Markets.


Online KYC

Grow faster by allowing prospects to fill in their own KYC form and register for a Trading and/or DP Account with you.



  Features at a glance Both CDSL & NSDL Depositories available Client creation for CDAS/DPM/eDPM upload Multiple grouping of Clients by branch, group,category, despatch & commission DP rate cards for AMC, Demat & Transactions with fixed, min, max and %



  SharePro Components Required End Users Daily Operations Occassional Users Clients

User Friendly and Comprehensive !

We have been using SharePro backoffice Software for our broking business since 2010.....we have found it user friendly and comprehensive. We have found the support services to be very good and timely. Team support during installation and training was very good.

K.S.Chandra Mouli, (Senior Project Executive) Indbank Merchant Banking Services Ltd.
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