API Bundle

SharePro publishes its power, capabilities and MIS using REST API calls to third-party or inhouse applications that may need them. A readymade set of REST API endpoint calls can fetch data in JSON, or calls may update data. This is an active development project for us that will increasingly provide capabilities to you.

The APIs are available under the following categories:



Silent Login
Simply integrate SharePro Connect, the web front-end to any of your applications. Just follow the steps in the Documentation and get SharePro pages on your own CRM, Cellphone App. Integrate SharePro reports and features into your own branded CRM.


Make REST API endpoint calls to JSON data for reports (Ledgers, Balances, Portfolio Statements, DP Holdings, Pledged Stocks, etc),  Create clients, or perform miscellaneous tasks and Integrate SharePro into your own system


Payment Gateway API
Allow your clients to make payments to you through the Web-login, corporate Website or Cellphone App. Payments reflect in backoffice in realtime and [optionally] also post into the frontend for increased exposure.


Client Creation API
A set of SQL SPs with a limited-access user credential that can push Trading, NSDL and CDSL clients into SharePro. Trading and DP Clients queue up as offline and BO setup, respectively.


eKYC Integration
Push clients into SharePro from your eKyc system by using integrated API calls. Third party eKyc systems can even use the REST API to push clients.


SQL functions and views are available to your tools to make a secured connection using limited rights, accessing the available API calls and getting the job done.

What is Silent Login?

By far the easiest and quickest way to integrate SharePro into your own branded Apps [whether browser based or cellphone Apps], is Silent Login. This API-Key and Token based mechanism allows any Client/AP/RM of your system to silently log into SharePro. The client remains in your application but behind the scenes he has already logged into SharePro Connect. Once the login is complete and a complete session is created, its just a matter of your application to integrate SharePro urls into itself.

What are the Possibilities?

  • You provide a [Backoffice] button in your Trading Frontend. The user clicks on the button and a new window opens up with the Client landing at the Dashboard without having to provide fresh credentials
  • The SharePro Dashboard appears in an iframe of your inhouse, branded CRM [see pic below]
  • DP Holdings of the client appear inside an area of your Apps Dashboard along with other information. The user never knows that this data has come from SharePro.
  • Payment Gateway interface which is available inside SharePro Login can be directly integrated with your Cell phone App.
  • Your trading App provides menus for important SharePro reports like DP HoldingsLedger, Portfolio or even utilities like Payment Requests, Pledge Initiation Requests, etc. The user clicks on the menu item and the desired report or option appears inside your application.

Case studies:

  • Major Chennai based discount brokerage has integrated SharePro Connect into their own branded Web application available to clients. The branded application provides many additional features and services including serving SharePro reports and tools embedded right into their app. As shown below, the SharePro Dashboard is embedded right into the Broker's CRM
Silen Login - inside an iframe

  • Major Mumbai based broker has used silent login mechanism to integrate SharePro AIR (our cell phone App for your clients) into their own branded cellphone based trading app. The user simply clicks on a link in the trading app and can view SharePro reports and tools.
  • A simple way to integrate Silent Login into your system is by incorporating a [Backoffice] button into your CRM. When the user clicks on the button, a new browser window lands him straight to the backoffice dashboard. See the snapshot below:

Releasing on 21st August 2020 , Friday

Now Sky is the limit...