• Regular Downloads
    SharePro Admin : 07/Apr 5:29 pm (88.05MB) Download

    SharePro Admin system for Database, User and Server maintenance

    SharePro Client : 07/Apr 5:29 pm (129.69MB) Download

    SharePro Client rich-interface Application for processing ,analysing and ditstributing data in an integrated environment.

    SharePro CRM : 13/Mar 6:20 pm (165.47MB) Download

    The Web Appliction Server installed on a live webserver to service Clients, Family Groups, APs, Branches, RMs and Fund Managers.

    Scheduler: 12/Apr 3:06 pm (36.19MB) Download

    Server application to despatch SMS and eMails and also digitally sign documents for delivery.

    TradeTracker: 09/Apr 1:47 pm (0.71MB) Download

    RestAPI client to fetch realtime trades from NSE. NOTIS replacement.

    SSDigit: 28/Mar 4:54 pm (3.29MB) Download

    Same as scheduler [old version]

    DOS: 21/Sep 2:15 pm (10.63MB) Download
    Initial Setup
    Client PC Requisites: 23/Dec 11:06 am (61.07MB) Download
    Client PC Setup: 23/Dec 11:13 am (56.99MB) Download
    DotNet Requisites: 23/Dec 11:09 am (32.68MB) Download
    SSDigit: 23/Dec 11:14 am (20.22MB) Download