Name of the Company: Standard Software (P) Ltd
Our Business Philosophy: Simplifying Complexities
Date of Incorporation: 26th March, 1996
Company Auditor: Mr. Sumit Agarwal
Type of Company: Private Limited

Vision Statement

In a world where businesses are turning increasingly complex and dynamic, we hope to fulfill the demand for easy-to-use solutions to drive business processes.


Our mission is to create simple solutions to complex problems in the financial industry
and to enable our end users to achieve more by working less, and hence, allowing them more time and energy towards their core businesses.


Our Main Location

699F, Ustad Amir Ali Khan Sarani,

New Alipore, Block P,


West Bengal 700053

We are available at the following centres :



199F, Block "P",
New Alipore,
Kolkata – 700053
Contact B N Bose : +91-9883018765


Contact B N Bose: +91-9883018765


Mr. R.Gajendra Vellu
23/28 Old Bank of Baroda Street,
Secretariat Colony,
Ambattur,Chennai - 600053
Contact Gajendra: +91- 9384043471

Delhi(Digisoft Services):

5 Central Shopping Centre,
Defence Enclave,
Vikas Marg, Delhi - 110092
Contact Bhuvan Gupta: +91-8882661116



Mr. Rajendra Lakhampalli
14-141 Raja Srinivas Nagar,
New Mirjalguda,
Malkajgiri, Hyderabad – 500047
Contact Rajendra : +91-9676819345


About Us

Standard Software Pvt. Ltd. is a specialized software company which creates back office systems for the stock broking industry. Our
SharePro system, like any other back office system, assimilates a broker’s market segments, depositories as well as country-wide operations. However, unlike any other back office system, our system focuses majorly on constituting a ‘Single sign – in’ system within which Stansoft has even integrated the OS ticket (ticketing system), also available in our free
SharePro Air mobile app. Our objective is to allow our brokers to deliver better service to their clients.

With the help of a small team of about 15 – 20 software experts, we are able to offer customer satisfaction and sustain the existence of our brand in the market. We hold a strong policy of developing a ready-made software and instead of tailoring a new feature in a product for an individual client alone, we implement the same feature for all our clients for that particular product. Indulging all our clients equally in all aspects of our business is very essential to us.

Due to the committed nature of our company, over the past 28 years, our competitive advantage has grown to lie in our strong client relationships and customer loyalty. Taking these strengths to our advantage, we use word-of-mouth as our main method of promotion and allow our products to speak for themselves. Therefore, we have a high regional recognition and are still working on more advanced forms of marketing for a national identity.



Standard Software was established in 1988 as a partnership between co-founders Abhay Sobti and Simran Singh. Abiding by the fundamentals of business survival, they decided to simply customize software for a small number of clients as per their demand. Successfully, the business developed their first product - a general accounting software - which was purchased by Surya Prakash Toshniwal. In search of a more profitable solution, Abhay Sobti saw the commercial potential in the stock broking industry and chose that to be Standard Software’s new area of specialization. The partnership allowed this intangible potential to be made into a concrete plan and SharePro was finally created and launched in 1989. In 2001, Simran Singh left Stansoft to pursue a successful IT career in Canada.

After functioning as a partnership firm for ­­­­8 years, Standard Software was finally incorporated on 26
th March 1996 as a private limited company. Currently, Standard Software (P) Ltd. stands as a full-fledged company with relatively 22-25 employees tackling more than 200 active brokers in the industry.


About the CEO and Co-founder
Mr. Abhay

Abhay Sobti is currently the most crucial member in the core team in the company. He graduated from St. Xavier’s, Kolkata in 1988 with a Bachelors in Commerce degree at the age of 20 and undergoed rigorous training in the field of software from a very learned educator Mr.Sanyal . It is since then that he has devoted himself to the software industry. His hard work, dedication and curiosity in the subject has helped the company achieve a cutting-edge, technological sophistication as well as accomplish business goals.

How we maintain relationships with our stakeholders

The satisfaction of all our major stakeholders is very essential for our company. As a company policy, we deal ethically with our customers at all levels of interaction. For instance, no-promise-if-cannot-deliver is the basic servicing and selling motto followed by our team members. This has given us enviable credibility in the broking industry.

In the same way, we acknowledge that our achievements are the result of
cumulative effort of all our team members – from the top to the lowest levels. Hence, to ensure the satisfaction of our employees we promote a clean, sacred, sufficiently spacious and collaborative environment to maintain a productive setting. Most essentially, we train our employees to refrain from demeaning our competitors while presenting our product to our prospects. We believe in gaining our clients only if we deserve to gain them and in turn maintaining a positive relationship with our competitors.


Few of our success stories
  • A successful shift from an MS-DOS version to a Windows based system which connected to an RDBMS database in 2000, allowing
    SharePro to add new business segments like PMS, NBFC and Depositories.
  • Branch opened in Mumbai in the year ____.
  • Launched a mobile application, compatible to Apple and Android phones, called “SharePro Air” which allows our investors to access their back office with any broker.
  • Completion of OS ticket integration in the year ______.


Anticipated Goals
  • As of now our product_____________. But we plan on migrating into a contemporary platform which will __________________________.
  • We plan on adding ‘Insurance distribution’ and ‘Mutual Funds distribution’ in which we expect phenomenal growth which will benefit all our clients nation-wide.


Our Infrastructure
Picture - Infrastructure

In the early 2000s, our company infrastructure shifted from a 300 sq. ft office to a 6753 sq.ft. office in New Alipore, Kolkata. It is a four storied spacious and well- structured building. It contains:

  • A fully furnished basement for official events and employee gatherings
  • A lobby
  • An entire floor dedicated to developers, accountants and engineers. These work areas facilitate individual work space with the latest version personal computer for each and every employee.
  • Our most important space is our prayer room and terrace on the top floor, as the CEO encourages our employees to connect ourselves to God, meditation and yoga during breaks.


The Core Team

Our Core Team consists of two vital persons:

Mr. Anjan


Mr. Anjan Bhuniya

Role: Country Support Manager

Level of Education: Bachelor of Commerce

Work Experience: Mr. Anjan has contributed to this company for the past 16 years regarding matters of marketing the product and demonstrating its features to our prospects. His involvement has allowed our developers to gain domain knowledge about the client’s requirements hence allowing our clients to experience a specialized service.

Contact Us:


Phone: (033) 2400 8804


699F, Ustad Amir Ali Khan Sarani,

New Alipore, Block P, Kolkata, West Bengal - 700053