With a history of over 25 years, it is not surprising that over 40% of our clients began their broking business with SharePro backoffice.
For our support and implementation team, training a new broker in the backoffice system is something that we do regularly.
(right side a list of the last 10 new brokers)

Discussion and evaluation of the critical processes leading to Best Practices.
Brokerage Combinations
Account Opening
Securities Borrowing for Payin if required
Securities Payin streamlining
Securities Payout operations
Management of slipbooks
Fund movements and financing for settlements
Fund payouts of settling clients
Flushing/Settlement of Running Accounts
Daily compliance checklists
Auction Processes & Policies
Monthly DP billing
Monthly interest charges
Monthly sharing of brokerage with partners

Helping the staff to create a work manual, using of various options in SharePro and working out TATs (Turn Around Time) for various types of customer service requests.