Institutional Broking does not involve credit and market risks, but the volume of business is much larger and hence monitoring the operational risks creates deep value. 

Institutional Broking is also a "single day" operation. There is very little carry over work to the next day (except for RCs). 

Brokers using SharePro for Institutional Business as a standalone or as an addition to their Retail business require minimum manual intervention in Custodial Confirmation, OTR generation or Financial Accounts. 

Preset Client Specific Excel/CSV files are also system generated. 

Onboarding New Clients
  • Classification of clients as per Category
  • Classification as per strategy (for brokerage)
  • Setting up the Execution channel (for brokerage)
  • Choice of formats and structure of reporting
  • Sub-Accounts & MF Schemes are fully supported


SharePro Components required
Only the SharePro Desktop is required. SharePro CRM, ssScheduler & SharePro AIR is not required. When there are more than one institutional desk, Live RMS can provide a Risk View and a Deal-Matching system can resolve issues without compromising on confidentiality between the desks.
Exchange / Custodial Reporting
  • Supports FT,NSDL & NSEIT STP formats
  • NSE CLD,CP & RC files
  • BSE 6a7a files


Client Reporting
  • Customized reporting formats can be setup for each client
  • Global Security Identifiers can be incorporated in these files


Trade Rectifications
  • Client Code
  • CP Code
  • Change of mode CP->OTR or OTR->CP
  • Quantity
  • Rate
  • Brokerage

[These changes are required if there is a partial or full error eiher in quantity or rate, Client is unable to confirm on time, Client is unable to allocate on time, Client has negotiated brokerage for this deal.]


Handling DVP/Hand

If Trade is rejected it can be repaired in SharePro by rectifying both at the block level or at the allocation level.

How is Institutional broking different from Retail broking ?

  1. Client empanelment process is different and dependancy is on the institution
  2. There is an Institutional/Custodial risk instead of Credit/Market risk 
  3. Execution reporting and confirmation happens before market closure and contract notes are issued throughout the day
  4. Institutions require specialized and customized servicing whereas retail is a mass processing job
  5. Integration with global systems may be required by some Foreign Institutional clients
  6. Failed deals/transactions need to be rectified as per exchange guidelines
  7. The Institution is the king so specific instructions need to be followed

[Though a broker may have all Retail, PRO & Institutional business in SharePro it all happens on a single instance of the software and naturally without any work-arounds.]