The Stamp Duty Structure in West-Bengal has changed

As per the West Bengal Finance Act,2015, the structure and charges for Stamp Duty has changed in this state. To implement the same in SharePro, do as follows :

Step I : Open up the State Master using [Masters / Other Masters / States
Master] as shown below :

Step II : Navigate to West-Bengal and press F3 to modify the state. Go to the Other Charges tab
Step III: Now create a new effective date and setup the Stamp Duty as shown below :

As per our understanding, Broker note is now Rs 0.50 on every Rs 5000 of delivery value and part thereof and it is Rs 0.10 on every Rs 5000 of Square-off and part thereof. In the Derivatives, Currency and Commodity segments, the charges are Rs 0.10 for every Rs 5000 on Square-off. Setup the charges as per the Gazette and do not forget to add an effective date so that backdated calculations is not disturbed.

Notification WB -300315.pdf

New Stamp Duty structure in West Bengal

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