Please upgrade to the latest Version of SQL Server

As you are aware, SharePro application connects to SQL Server databases in your office to fetch and store data. Till now, we managed to develop our system keeping it Backward Compatible in a manner that it worked with virtually all versions of SQL Server. However, Microsoft has released great features in their SQL Server versions which we are unable to use to keep our systems backward compatible. However, we need the power to develop in the latest tools to give a great product. So, starting 1st April, 2015, we will discontinue support to SQL Server 2000. Therefore, please note :

From 1st April, 2015, we shall not support SQL Server 2000 anymore. if you are using SQL 2000, please upgrade to the latest version of SQL Server – preferably, SQL 2008 or SQL 2012.

This is very important as it will give us a more powerful environment to work in.

Thanks for your co-operation.

No more support for SQL 2000

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