Over 250 main brokers have been using SharePro for over 25 years through many ups and downs in the market.
The very fact that every year brokers are switching to SharePro, is a testimony to the fact that the SharePro pricing policy is both fair and open.
Once the software is downloaded and installed on your existing SQL Server, you need a licence to operate the software.
Every market-segment you work with requires a licence issued by us.

Besides the market segments you also require additional licences for:
CDSL and NSDL depositories for DPs / virtual DPs (for non-DPs to make POA instructions)
ssScheduler/ssDigit (Email & SMS despatcher)
SharePro CRM (Web based client service facility)
Branch Web logins
LiveRMS (for Risk Management)
NBFC Funding (for streamlined daily fund movement and risk management)
OnlineKYC - a self-registration account-opening facility for new clients
PWM for individuals to manage individual/family portfolios and accounts and get direct feeds from their brokers.
Licences are for fixed periods (usually for a year).
You don't need to take the total bundle at one time.
You can take them up as and when you require (it takes us just 15 mts to activate a new segment/module.)
New market segments requires no involvement from IT as no software installation is required.
Some technology modules may require IT support.

Payment Modes
Except for a few, most modules/segments support two modes of payment - Recurring and One-Time.
PWM,Branch logins have a recurring option only.
Online KYC and PMS have a different payment structure.
There is no difference in product or support whichever payment mode you choose.
To arrive at the Lump sum licence cost in the One-Time Payment Mode, we simply multiply the Recurring cost by 2.75
Subsequent year licence cost is around 20% of the lumpsum cost except for a few modules.
Over 5 years the net cash payout is almost the same in both modes.
For e.g. if the total basket of market segments/modules works out to Rs.1 lakhs as per the Recurring (Annual) mode, in the One-Time/Lumpsum mode, the Licence fee for the First Year would work out to 2.75 lakhs and subsequently 0.55 lakhs every year. Over 5 years in the recurring mode you would have paid 1 lakh x 5yrs = Rs.5 lakhs which is similar to what you would have paid in the One Time/Lumpsum mode which is 2.75+[0.55 lakhs x 4yrs] = Rs.4.95 lakhs

Implementation outside major cities
Our support services are available locally at Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad & Chennai.
Implementation, Migration & Training may require us to travel and stay at your location at an additional cost.
New installations can be implemented and training provided remotely if good internet connectivity exists.