How to send custom SMS/eMail to clients holding shares

Let us take a hypothetical situation. Imagine that you, as an expert in the business, anticipate a good time for your Clients to book profits in, say, RELIANCE . It means that you would like to intimate your clients to sell off their holdings in this share. Can you do this in SharePro? Can you send an SMS or an eMail to Clients who have holdings in RELIANCE? Yes you can and this is how :

Step I : You go to [Share Reports/ Send SMS/ Send Custom SMS] option

Step II : In the Custom SMS window, choose “Clients” as your target and fill in your Message advising your Clients to book profits in RELIANCE

Step III : In the Clients Selection window , Click on “Advanced Selection”

In the Advanced Selection Window, click on Portfolio Stock Filter button. In the filter window, click on Selected Scrips and from the share selection window select RELIANCE. Remember, that here you could actually select any number of shares. Once done, click on OK and all the clients who have RELIANCE in their portfolio are selected.

Isn’t that magical? Imagine the power of Advanced Selection. Imagine that after sending the above SMS, in the evening, you would like to review the clients who actually acted upon your advice. How would you trace that? Think ! Think ! It is simple, in the evening, we could view the Clientwise-Sharewise Trade Register for all the Clients who have stocks in RELIANCE [using the same selection method above] and choosing just RELIANCE. There it is !

Sending SMS/MAIL to users holding shares

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