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Dear SharePro User,
eDIS Support for NSDL
eDIS Facility allows your clients who do not have POA with you to make TPIN based delivery provision to you at the time of trading itself. This requires eDIS support from the front-office engine as well as from the back-office. This is how it works:
  1. Client initiates a sale order in the front-office system. 
  2. The Front-office system uses the Depository API to allow a TPIN based authorisation where a client can mark his intention to deliver to the broker. Needless to say, the Client needs to have the Free stock in his Ben Account to be able to do this.
  3. EOD, the backoffice system generates an eDIS batch that needs to be uploaded to NSDL for final confirmation of the movement of the shares. This is primarily required because the EOD Delivery obligation of the client may be in variance with his eDIS Authorizations during the day.
  4. The shares actually move from the NON-POA Client's Beneficiary account to the Broker's Pool A/c
SharePro can now generate eDIS Batches in NSDL for NON-POA clients having sold shares. 
Generate Batch for NON POA Clients:
In the next screen, select the settlement and also make sure to check the holdings online [if required].
Preview the batch being generated:
And the batch is generated in the folder selected in the initial form.

SharePro: eDIS Batch generation for NSDL