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Dear SharePro User,
Improvements in Client EPI file generation

Now you no longer need to switch settlement types or numbers to generate EPI files for NSCCL.  On the basis of the entered Slip Date, SharePro will automatically determine the open settlements [both Normal & T2T] and also the Batch No (including incremental batch no). See the snapshots below:
For Exchange Early Payin [NSDL] : 
Consideration of Open settlements both Normal & T2T as on Slip date:
The CLNTEPI will be generated for the open Settlements: 
Notice that on the next date, the generated quantities are incremental:
##  Batch No & CLNTEPI file generation will work same in Exchange Early Payin [CSDL] as like Exchange Early Payin [NSDL]

SharePro: Exchange Early Payin file generation