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Dear SharePro User
While generating the Cash and Cash-Equivalent Files, by default, SharePro considered the balance in the Initial Margin Account of the Client. For instance, if a Client had a credit  balance of, say, Rs 1,00,000 and an Initial Margin A/c Balance of Rs 20,000 Dr, we uploaded a figure of Rs 80,000. This was controlled by a Tuning Question as shown in the image below. So, if a broker wanted, he could switch off this option and upload the pure Ledger Balance. However, this is now found to be inconsistent with what the exchange expects. 
In the next release of SharePro, the default value will be changed and we shall NOT consider the Initial Margin Balance while generating the Cash and Cash-Equivalent file. In case you still want to consider the Initial Margin Balance [say, if you maintain a Consolidated Client and Margin A/c], you may change the setting to “No”.

SharePro: Important change in Cash and Cash-Equivalent Upoad