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Dear SharePro User,

Important change in Exposure Upload pertaining to EPay Credits
An important modification has been made with respect to the handling of Limit Calculation for front-end exposures. The changes are as follows:


  1. An earlier question “Less Future Debits from the Limit” has been removed from settings in Exposure Profiles Master
  2. If “Early Payin value is added to Limit” [see snapshot above], the Limit will be reduced by the value of outstanding Purchases of the client on T-1. As an illustration, if a Client Purchased shares worth Rs 1,00,000 on 10/10/2020 and sold shares worth Rs 90,000 on the same date, his Limit on 11/10/2020 will be enhanced by Rs 90,000 if early paying of the shares has been made, and also his Limit will be reduced by Rs 1,00,000 as it is the purchase value of the shares on T-1
Please be aware of the above changes and review your own settings before deploying the new version.

SharePro: Important change in Exposure Upload