Re : Printing of ISINs on Contracts

SEBI has instructed through its letter MIRSD-4/AS/NS/6127/2015 dated February 26, 2015 that ISIN codes have to be printed on Bills/Contracts/Statements that are issued by broker to their clients. The members and their backoffice systems need to comply with this requirement by 30th June,2015. Since this is an extra information to the Client, the new version of SharePro available for download already incorporates this change.

Below is a snapshot of the Digital Contract sending routine which now clearly shows the ISIN of the scrip.

It has been verified that the Margin reporting to Clients already includes ISIN numbers. And so does the Running A/C confirmations. In case ISINs need to be included in any particular statement(s) that you think we have missed, please do not hesitate to intimate us.


SharePro : ISIN in Combined Contracts

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