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Dear SharePro User,
Early Payin batches in SharePro are generated at the point of generating Early-Payin batches. This means that once EPAYs are generated and the EPI file is generated, the file cannot be regenerated without deleting the EPAY instructions first. This causes inconvenience to users if files are lost, or for other reasons.
A new option has been added using which users can Re-generate EPI files from batches generated earlier. Now it is not required to delete demat entries to re-generate the Early Payin batch once again. 
The new option is available as shown below:
Note that the batch can be generated for any settlement by just entering the number. By default, the system generates for the current settlement. See the snapshot below:
Freshly generated batch(es) are saved in the UPLOAD\NSE folder in the main working folder.

SharePro: Re-generating EPI files