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Dear SharePro User,
Requirement for Accounting Systems with compulsory Audit Trail

As you may already know, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs in its latest notification has made it mandatory for users of Accounting Systems to ensure that their systems manage Audit trails of each and every change and also that the trail cannot be disabled. See the snapshot below:
This is just to let our users know that SharePro does maintain the Audit trail of all Accounting Vouchers and records the change, the user who made the change, and also the date and time of the change. By change, it means all activities relating to the entry – its addition, modification, and deletion.
Audit Trail Reporting
SharePro has comprehensive reporting on what has changed by whom and when. See the snapshot below:
However, we may need to revisit the presentation of the Audit Log to the user for improvements. Please check these reports and send us your suggestions as well.

SharePro: Requirement for Compulsory Audit Trail