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Dear SharePro User,
Sending SMS with new TRAI Regulations
As you may be aware, all SMSs now need to be registered and approved in the DLT platform before they will be delivered to the intended recipients. This is in accordance with the new TRAI regulations under TCCCPR 2018 guidelines which are being implemented countrywide.  This means that each SMS will be registered and will have a DLTContentID which will have a corresponding registered format.  This may also require a change in the SMS delivery URL and so you need to contact your SMS provider asap.
SharePro also has to handle the DLTContentID requirement and we are ready with it. To setup SharePro so that SMSs can be delivered with the new guidelines, you will need to read this mail carefully and set the DLTContentID against all the SMSs being sent from SharePro.
Please read on :
For SMSs sent automatically by SharePro and set in Event Messaging, you will need to go to [Environment Options / Messaging Page] and click on the [Design] button against SMSs sent by the system automatically. See the snapshot below :
For SMSs sent individually – like Ledger Balances, Trade Summary, etc. – visit the individual option and set the DLTContentID once. The contentID set here is preserved. See the snapshot below:
Remember, for this to work, you also need to upgrade your Schedular Application which can be downloaded from here.
In the Scheduler, you may need to reset the SMS URL provided by your vendor as shown below. Remember that this is an example and the actual URL will have to be taken from your vendor.
By the way, this change in SMS delivery mechanism and the new DLT mechanism also means that Customised SMSs sending may no longer be possible.

SharePro: SMS DLT Content System