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Dear SharePro User,

In case of a Ransomware attack, the only thing that saves us is the BackupsWhen an attack occurs, the attacker encrypts and renames all the files in the system – AND THIS INCLUDES ANY PORTABLE DRIVES ATTACHED and ANY NETWORK DRIVES ACCESSIBLE. This means that it is very very important that Database backups are taken, immediately copied to an external drive, and the drive removed from the system. We strongly suggest the following backup strategy :
  1. Take backups into a folder in the Database server or a Shared Network Folder in your local Network.
  2. Copy the backups to an external Hard DiskNever keep this disk attached to the server itself.
  3. Periodically, take your backups Offsite – meaning away from your office. God forbid, what happens if your office is damaged?
  4. Better still, use products like SQL Backup and FTP, or any similar product, that has the capability to take Scheduled backups and upload the backups to any FTP server of your choice [preferably, your corporate FTP server].  Another excellent product for taking Backups and pushing them to remote locations is a great product called Iperius Backup.
  5. Many companies synchronize local backup folders with Cloud Services. This is another option you can look at.

SharePro: Taking Backups is a matter of Life and Death [Resend 22-06-2020]