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SharePro CRM is the server application that caters to Clients, Branches, APs, Employees, Fund Managers,etc., through the web browser. Built using the latest web technologies and libraries, it is the face of your organization to the outside world. Easy to use, it works intuitively on the browser and the mobile.


Provide one password access to everything in your business to anyone.
Inbuilt LEAD Management
Manage and Import Leads and assign to telecallers or Staff. Record and retrieve history, conversions and incentives. Open-for-all Client Revival system to allow everyone to join business growth.
Inactive Client Revival
Allow staff to follow up on Inactive Clients and revive them. Manage incentives.
Intuitive and simple
Easy to learn and navigate, it is simple and intuitive
Front-Office Integration
Create Clients, Dealers, open and block segments, Terminals and live update Omnesys balances. Currently supports Omnesys®.
Dashboard based system with multiple tabs for multiple reports or activities.
Payment Gateway Integration
Allow Clients to make online Payments and get Instant exposure if Front office Integration is installed. Currently supports Atom&reg.


Client LoginCRM LoginAP Login

Your Clients login to your backoffice and service portal using their UCC and Password to access the reporting and MIS of all their business with you. Optionally, we can create a Silent Login for you from your front-office engine or your inhouse Client CRM so that your client can straightaway login to SharePro by clicking on a single click. But that is a matter of another discussion.

CRM-Client Dashboard

Personal Portfolio
The Web Login provides an excellent tool to your clients to manage their overall Portfolio in Equities and derivatives. This includes :

  • Manage Opening Positions
  • Enter 3rd broker transactions
  • Long-short Capital Gains calculation
Online Documents
Your client can view scanned images, Signatures, or even PDF files from your backoffice login.Use this to publish:

  • KYC Documents in Trading and DP
  • Signatures
  • DP POA Signatures
  • Any PDF or Image that you want

Realtime Positions
For brokers using the Live RMS system, the clients can view their positions and trades in realtime giving them upto-the-second picture of their investments:

  • Live Trades
  • Live Net Positions
  • Live SPAN Requirements
  • Live Notional P/L

Integrated Logins
Your clients have a one-password access to all your services and products. When a client logs into the system he can access :

  • Securities,Derivatives,Currency
  • Commodities
  • DP Holdings and Ledgers
  • Across Segment Accounting ledgers
  • PMS Reports
  • NBFC Positions
The CRM Dashboard itself provides your client of the overall picture of his positions with you in terms of Finance, Margin Deposits, DP Holdings, SPAN Margin Requirements, Accrued Charges. Not just that, the dashboard provides zoomable reports on a Click. By all means, your client need not go any further for more information.

On the Go
The CRM is available to all your Clients straightaway on their mobile phones. They can now check their positions, even realtime positions, while on the move.

Family Logins
A group of family members can be given a Group Login.A single login view of all family accounts with you.

Make Payout Request
The system, by default, does not make automatic payout of funds to clients maintaining a Running Account with you. A client can however make a specific request for funds payout from his web login. Such a request is:

  • Processed automatically by the system
  • has a validity of 48 hours
  • Actions send online intimations
Personal Scheduler
The system doubles up as a personal scheduler for your Client.

Profile Change
A client can request change of his eMail ID and cell numbers from the web login itself. The requests are processed by the Head office and approved for updates.

A client can not only refer new clients to you, but can even track the accrued Refferral Brokerage for the month right from the Dashboard.

Track Communications
Your client can access the last eMails and SMS sent by you, including any digitally signed Contracts or reports sent by you right from the Dashboard.

CRM login is for those whose work directly involves bringing new business or directly servicing the Clients. They could be Directors, Partners, APs, Branch Managers, RMs, Sales Representatives, Telecallers, etc. The idea is to chart a Hierarchical structure of your people in a manner that people are placed directly under their bosses. For instance, a Branch manager could have many Sales Representatives directly below in the hierarchy. The Branch Manager and his SRs can now have Clients directly mapped to them to show the business brought in by them. Once this structure is properly laid out, SharePro CRM becomes an invaluable tool for you and your team to evaluate and control the business generation by their teams. The interesting part is that even your Business Partners could hire independent teams to get business, and each team member could be given an independent CRM Userid.

SharePro CRM Dashboard

Hierarchical Perfornamce
You and your team members view the business performance of their downline in a structured manner. The figures include AUM which reflects the quality of the Clientelle built by your team members. Remember, that each figure is zoomable to its detail.

  • Direct and Indirect Brokerage earned
  • Payouts against
  • Direct and Indirect CTC
  • Net Performance
  • AUM

Schedule Sales
Sales team members can maintain Sales and followup appointments in the system. Managers can monitor these appointments and even inject them into the downline.

One Window Service
A CRM user can provide one-click servicing to any client using the “Client Info” tool which gives all information about a client in a single window.

DP Branch
If pemitted, a branch user can feed in DP Instructions deposited by your clients to the Branch. These instructions are approved by the checkers at HO for inclusion in the system.

Receive Cheques
Branches,APs and CRM users can provisionally enter the details of cheques recieved from clients along with their scanned copies. These entries are verified by the HO and then incorporated in the system. A Huge time saver.

Manage Prospects
CRM users can record and manage Prospects using the system. These prospects are accessible by the upline in the hierarchy. The user can even generate eMails/SMSs to follow up with the leads.

Your Branches and Business Partners also login to the CRM system to access all the information pertaining to their Clients with you.